Promotion of

diversity and equal opportunities

SFS is a company whose diversity is already reflected in its international corporate structure. Diversity contributes to a positive overall environment and strengthens our business performance. Diversity relates to gender, ethnicity, age and mental or physical disability, as well as religion, personal lifestyle and sexual orientation. Our sustainability guideline states that “We promote a working environment in which the diversity of our employees plays an active role. Our top priority is ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and equitably.”

Added value

  • Diversity contributes to a positive working atmosphere
  • Differences encourage new ways of thinking and ideas
  • The corporate culture is characterized by openness, respect and a family atmosphere

But how are these principles embraced and implemented in day-to-day work? Asif Khan Shinwari and Cabdirisaq Jamac Dahir will tell us a little more about that. These two originally come from Afghanistan and Somalia and are currently in an apprenticeship program at Stamm AG in Hallau, a company of the SFS Group.

Hoping for a better life
These two men have already seen and experienced quite a bit in their relatively short lives – things that the majority of our employees have thankfully been spared. Childhoods and teen years characterized by poverty, violence and a nearly non-existent education system meant that they had no prospects. Asif and Cabdirisaq therefore made the tough decision in 2017 to leave their previous lives behind – including their families, their friends and their home countries. In the hopes that they would be able to lead safe and fulfilled lives in another country.

Asif mit Berufsbildner
Asif in conversation with his vocational trainer

The journey is its own reward
We’re here to interview Asif and Cabdirisaq as well as Detlef Moll, Managing Director of Stamm AG.

SFS: “Hello to all of you. We’re thrilled that you were able to carve out a few minutes for us today to share your experiences, particularly as they relate to diversity and equality at the workplace. Please introduce yourselves and say a few words about what you do.”

Asif: “Hi, my name is Asif. I’m 20 years old and currently in the third year of my apprenticeship to become a design engineer.”

Cabdirisaq: “My name is Cabdirisaq and I’m 24 years old. I’m a plastics technologist and currently in the second year of my apprenticeship.”

SFS: “How did you first find out about our company and the apprenticeships? And how did you get your professional life started?”

Asif: “I started out by asking myself which topics and activities I’m interested in and then did what everybody else does – I gathered information online. That’s where I found out about Stamm and the vacant apprenticeships. I submitted my application documents and received an invitation to come for a short trial to see what it was like. I started my apprenticeship in 2021 following a two-week internship and once I had passed my recruitment test.”

Cabdirisaq: “My experience was pretty similar, except for the fact that I only had two months to find an apprenticeship. The internship gave me a good feel for what a plastics technologist does, which made it easy for me to say yes to both the apprenticeship and the company.”

Asif mit Komponente
Asif checks the finished component during his work as a design engineer

SFS: “So that means you passed through the traditional apprenticeship application process. Detlef, is that a criterion for being hired?”

Detlef: “Yes. First an internship for us to get to know the young person a bit better and the recruitment test to check whether they possess the basic skills needed – those are some of the criteria that all applicants need to meet. No exceptions.”

SFS: “So they passed both the internship and the recruitment test with flying colors. How well are they now integrated into the company? Do you see any differences between Asif and Cabdirisaq and the other employees?”

Detlef: “Yes, they both impressed us during the internship as well as in the recruitment test. And they continue to impress me today. As I understand it, Asif and Cabdirisaq have really found their calling, are greatly respected and are well integrated into our company. Of course we see differences. Each and every employee and apprentice is unique. And it’s better that way, because we’re more likely to benefit from those differences. They encourage new ways of thinking and new ideas.”

SFS: “And how do you see that? What about diversity and equality are we doing right and where is there still room for improvement?”

Cabdirisaq: “Like Detlef already said, differences like origin, religion and appearances don’t matter here. I really feel comfortable here and especially appreciate the way team members support one another and the sense of family.”

Asif: “I agree with Cabdirisaq 100%. I also feel well integrated, both personally and professionally. Of course, we miss our families and home countries, but I now feel at home in both cultures.”

Cabdirisaq 2
Cabdirisaq works as a second-year plastics technologist

SFS: “Maybe we could wrap this up with a little tidbit about what we can learn from one another or another key takeaway?”

Cabdirisaq: “Everybody kept an open mind. People here believed in our skills and gave us a chance to prove ourselves. I’d also like to return the favor.”

Detlef: “I especially liked the motivation and determination I saw in both of them. Their attitude is “contagious”, which is why I always really enjoy working with both of them.”

SFS: “What wonderful words to wrap this up with! Thank you for your time and your insights.”

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