Safety at heady heights

The new Istanbul airport represents a truly prestigious construction project without equal. Even before completion of the build, the innovative “Soter” fall protection system from SFS was making its mark.

Added value

  • Idenfication of “Soter” fall protection as the best customer-specific fastening system
  • Guaranteed punctual delivery dates
  • Comprehensive application guidance available at place

The starting position
A new airport has emerged in Istanbul, becoming one of the largest in the world. Over 20,000 people were employed on the project, striving successfully to complete the airport in good time for the official opening ceremony on October 29, 2018. Supporting rapid, secure progress on this extraordinary project, working hand-in-glove with the customer, SFS developed application-specific fastener solutions all around the build – demonstrating the company’s depth of understanding and competence as a supply partner for a diverse range of requirements.

The innovative “Soter” fall protection system in use

Safety at heady heights
Those responsible for the new airport worked closely with SFS to evaluate fall safety systems to protect the installation crews and construction workers on the airport’s roofing. It was the wide range of efficient and secure fastener solutions, and guaranteed punctual delivery dates, coupled with the comprehensive application guidance available from SFS, which persuaded the airport planners to choose the innovative “Soter” fall protection system.

2,200 individual Soter units have been installed across the 400,000 square metres of standing seam roof area. These have been linked by more than 18 km of stainless steel cable. The system’s roof fixing will be achieved using GESIPA® PowerBird® installation units; so impressive in terms of their robustness, speed and ergonomic design.


A comprehensive range of special products
Besides the fall protection system, SFS was able to win over the planners with other key products: a diverse range of special fasteners to retain the walls and roofing enveloping the build will help ensure that this new airport, destined to become one of the world’s largest transportation hubs, despatches up to 200 million passengers per year when they are ready for take-off.

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