Six people, six nations –

one professional home

SFS visits its location in Valence, France and introduces six people who couldn’t be more different. And yet they have one major thing in common: their professional home. SFS is proud of this diversity, which benefits employees, the company and society alike.

Added value

  • Company and society benefit from lived diversity
  • Employer becomes professional home
  • Diversity as a factor for innovation and success
  • Cultural differences promote constructive exchange
Naby Yaya Camara, mechanics apprentice

Positive corporate culture as the basis for diversity in practice
Naby Yaya Camara, a young man from West Africa, was born in Guinea Conakry in 2004. He came to France alone when he was 17 in the hopes of finding a better future here. In October 2021, he began a training program at SFS in Valence to become a mechanic. Naby especially likes the variety of activities that form part of his training program and the approach that has him switching regularly between theory and practice. He interacts a lot with other young people at his training center and has found good friends. One thing he particularly appreciates at his workplace is the chance to mingle and communicate with more experienced and long-standing employees. His goal: To successfully complete his training program and continue his career at SFS, his professional home.

The Bao Nguyen, Strategic buyer

The Bao Nguyen was born in Vietnam and came to Grenoble (France) nine years ago for his university studies. He supplemented his training in materials technology with a degree in strategic purchasing, which enabled him to work at SFS. The Bao appreciates the peaceful way of life in France, as well as the directness and openness of the French people. He particularly likes the work-life balance provided by the company and the good team spirit. “I like the fact that we can have a constructive dialog, despite or precisely because of the cultural differences. I learn from the critical and analytical thinking of my colleagues.”

Emir Özkan, Process Engineering Manager & Operations Analyst

Globetrotter Emir Özkan is originally from Turkey. He lived in Canada, Switzerland and the USA before moving to France in 2022. As a process development engineer, he not only strengthens the team in Valence, but is also able to support the team in Turkey – a win-win situation for him and the company. Emir recommends living in different countries and cultures to everyone, as it expands your perspectives and possibilities immensely. Although he misses his family, friends and the food back home, he likes the positive corporate culture at SFS in Valence.

Lyubomir Velkov, Production employee

Promotion of personal and professional strengths
Production employee Lyubomir Velkov has worked in Valence since 2015. He came from Bulgaria to France to find a better job. Lyubomir enjoys working with the other members of his team, who welcomed him right from the start – despite the language barrier. But it's not just his language skills that Lyubomir has been able to develop at SFS: “Different cultures come together at my workplace every day. There is of course some friction at times, but essentially we learn from each other and our different backgrounds.”

Hadjer Benfaiza, Supply Chain Manager

Hadjer Benfaiza, Supply Chain Manager at SFS, also left her home country (Algeria) to study abroad. She has been living in France since the age of 18 and spent an exchange year in Newcastle, UK. Although she misses her mother’s cooking and her grandmother’s kindness as much as the warmth of the Mediterranean people, Hadjer knows that France offers her better prospects than her country of origin – especially as a woman. “I appreciate the diversity at SFS. Working here gives me the opportunity to further develop my skills if I perform well and brings out my strengths.”

Levy R. Ibiatsi, Quality Manager

Originally from Gabon, quality manager Levy R. Ibiatsi came to France in 2011 after graduating from high school to continue his university studies. After graduating, he worked at various industrial companies, but always in close cooperation with production, as is now the case at SFS in Valence. He appreciates the day-to-day interaction with his colleagues because he meets many different people here. Each of them has their own story, but what they all have in common is a wealth of practical experience, which they also willingly share. Levy values this characteristic of the corporate culture anew every day.

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