The favorite is called Birdie®

With the Birdie®, GESIPA® launched an important innovation in 2022, which is already a huge success. Why? Because the Birdie® offers numerous advantages: ultra-lightweight, ultra-compact and battery-operated. TROX GmbH is among the satisfied customers and has been setting thousands of blind rivets every day with this new blind rivet tool since its launch. TROX uses a variety of setting tools, with the Birdie® emerging as the clear favorite. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers added value!

Added value

  • Efficient rechargeable battery: Sets up to 3,000 blind rivets per charge
  • Convenient setting of blind rivets due to minimal weight
  • Compact size enables versatile use – even in hard-to-reach places
  • Resource-efficient and cost-saving thanks to CAS (Cordless Alliance System) battery operation

Systems from a single source
TROX is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of components, equipment, and systems for ventilation and air conditioning technology, fire and smoke protection, and room air filtration systems. Like GESIPA®, TROX operates in many industries and equips, among others, schools, laboratories, hospitals, and event spaces – places where it is important that everything is coordinated. To minimize coordination effort in the design and construction of a system while maximizing energy efficiency, optimal coordination of all components and systems is essential.


Smallest and lightest blind rivet tool in its class
With the Birdie®, GESIPA® has developed the smallest and lightest battery-operated blind rivet tool in its performance class. It was launched on the market at the end of 2022 and has been a huge success since then. Weighing only 900 g (without the battery), this extremely lightweight blind rivet tool processes blind rivets up to a diameter of 5 mm in all materials.

Thanks to the color-coded nosepieces, matching the appropriate nosepiece to the blind rivet being used is child’s play. Changing the nosepieces is also efficient, as no tools are required. To ensure maximum freedom, conserve resources, and save costs, we have integrated the Birdie® into the tried-and-tested CAS battery system.

Tim Pörschke Construction/Maintenance at TROX GmbH
“We process thousands of blind rivets in our products every day – that’s several hundred thousand per year. Due to its low weight and extremely compact design, the Birdie® is the perfect battery-powered blind rivet tool for us. As many riveting points are difficult to reach, we used to additionally need an angle head for some riveting points. This is no longer an issue with the Birdie®. The small tool fits into almost every corner and every angle. The weight savings compared to other tools offer us real added value because the low weight makes it much easier for us to set thousands of blind rivets per day. TROX GmbH has been using a wide variety of blind rivet tools for many years, including the AccuBird® Pro, various TAURUS® versions, the automatic processing system GAV 8000, and now also several Birdies®. As far as my colleagues are concerned, the favorite is clear.”

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