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In order to adhere to compliance regulations, group-wide guidelines have been implemented. These are binding for every employee. The Group Compliance Officer ensures compliance together with the Compliance Officers at the local sites.

Code of conduct

The SFS Group's code of conduct sets out essential guidelines for the management and employees of SFS in their working environment. It is based on the principles of integrity as well as fair and ethical behaviour. It is an important element for the sustained positive development of SFS in a constantly changing international environment.

Comply with laws: I undertake to comply with laws and regulations.

  • I comply with the laws and regulations of relevance to my sphere of responsibility.
  • If I am uncertain whether an action is legally admissible, I first clarify the situation with my line manager, the Site Manager or the Compliance Officer.

Act ethically: I act in accordance with ethical standards.

  • I act ethically and fairly, and respect the rights and dignity of individuals.
  • I do not exploit my position to gain personal advantage for myself or persons close to me.
  • I treat all employees and business partners alike, irrespective of their gender, religion or other attributes. I also avoid any harassment or personal offence.
  • In the context of my activities I support solutions which preserve the environment.

Protect information: I communicate openly; I protect confidential information.

  • I communicate actively, openly and honestly with employees, business partners and official bodies.
  • Statements I make and documents I draw up are accurate and truthful.
  • I treat information about SFS and business partners which is not publicly accessible as confidential, and protect it.

Fair competition: I am committed to fair competition and do not tolerate any form of corruption.

  • I respect and comply with the rules of fair competition.
  • I am not open to bribery and do not demand, accept or promise any gifts or payments.
  • I refrain from any dishonest actions with which I could influence decisions made by customers, suppliers, competitors or official bodies.
  • I avoid conflicts of interest and situations in which family links or personal interests are contrary to those of SFS.

Personal responsibility: I am responsible for compliance with the Code of Conduct.

  • I am familiar with the Code of Conduct.Each and every employee is responsible for compliance with it in his or her sphere of responsibility.
  • I am aware that violations will be resolutely penalised.
  • If I become aware of an instance of non-compliance with the Code of Conduct, I report this immediately to my line manager, the Site Manager or the Compliance Officer.

Compliance and due diligence

Further information on the topic of "compliance and due diligence" can also be found in our Sustainability Report.

UN Global Compact

SFS is a member of the UN Global Compact and is committed to adhere to their 10 Principles. Please find the report “Communication on progress (COP)” of the SFS Group as well as detailed information on the website of United Global Compact.

Reporting system

A notification can also be placed anonymously. However, for the purpose of initiating measures and additional clarifications the provision of personal data can be essential. Your information is treated under consideration of the local data protection regulations and are kept in confidence toward third parties as well as internally.

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