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Group structure

The SFS organisation is designed to maximize proximity to our customers. Clear responsibilities encourage the entrepreneurial behaviour of our employees.

Company Segments

The SFS Group consists of three operating segments which represent the three business models:

Engineered Components

Customer-specific precision-molded parts, assemblies and fastening solutions under the brands SFS, GESIPA®, UNISTEEL and Tegra Medical

Fastening Systems

Application-specific mechanical fastening systems under the SFS, HECO® and TFC brands, amongst others

Distribution & Logistics

Quality tools, fasteners and other C-parts as well as procurement solutions under the own strong brands SFS, Hoffmann, GARANT and HOLEX


The organization of SFS is designed to enable maximum customer proximity. The creation of clear areas of responsibility promotes entrepreneurial action. The divisions are focused on end markets. To ensure maximum customer proximity, we operate in business units and key account teams. These are focused on the selected customer groups. The three operating segments are supported by Corporate Finance & IT, Corporate HR & Communications and Technology.

Associated Company

Sunil SFS intec is a joint venture between Sunil Dyfas Corporation (Korea) and SFS Group International AG (Switzerland). This joint venture is engaged in the development, manufacture, sale and distribution of precision cold formed parts and fasteners for the automotive and heavy vehicle industries in China.

Contact & Services

SFS Group Contact

Corporate Communications

P +41 71 727 51 51

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