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Our history

The history of SFS began in 1928 in what was then the Stadler hardware store in Altstätten. Presswerk Heerbrugg AG, founded in 1960, laid the cornerstone for the international development of industrial activities.

2019–today: Internationalization of the trading business

LogisticCity in Nuremberg (DE), Europe’s largest logistic center for quality tools

Acquisition of Hoffmann SE, the leading international system partner for quality tools. Together with Hoffmann, SFS's trading business reaches an international dimension.

2013–2018: IPO, reinforcement of medical technology and new claim


"Inventing success together". The new claim is nothing more than a new summary of the DNA of SFS that has existed since its foundation. In this context the SFS intec and SFS unimarket brands are merging and are now SFS. The concentrated communication as well as the corporate identity further support the focus on our performance promise.

Strengthening of position in medical technology with acquisitions of Stamm AG (CH) and Tegra Medical (USA)

Listing of SFS Group on the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange

Acquisition of majority shareholding in Indo Schöttle (IN) with production locations in Pune and Belgaum

2007–2012: Expansion in Asia and North America

SFS Group History Years 20072012

Acquisition of Unisteel Technology Ltd., with headquarters in Singapore and further production locations (MY and CN), production of miniature parts

Acquisition of majority shareholding in SFS intec (TR)

Acquisition of a 45% share in Indo Schöttle (IN)

Acquisition of GESIPA® GmbH, a leading blind rivet technology provider, with locations in DE, UK and the USA

Acquisition of a 50% share in Sunil SFS intec Automotive (CN)

Acquisition of a 50% share in Dekim Metal (TR), later renamed SFS intec

1991–2006: Expanding the technology portfolio

SFS Group History_1996

Entry into deep drawing technology with the acquisition of Lüdi AG (CH); acquisition of K-Plast AB (SE)

Bundling of industrial activities and trading activities under the SFS intec and SFS unimarket brands

Acquisition of HB Plastics GmbH with plants in Austria and Hungary as well as Construction Fasteners with locations in the USA and Canada

Acquisition of Ego Kunststoffwerk in Altstätten (CH) and entry into the plastic injection moulding technology

1977–1990: Expansion of international sales structure

SFS Group History_1979

Acquisition of Sassba (IT) and entry into the production and sale of door and window hinges

Development of a network of HandwerkStadt locations in Switzerland

Acquisition of Sela Ltd. and Linread Ltd. (UK), screw production

First worldwide innovation by SFS: Development and production of a drill screw made from stainless steel

First registration of the brand

1961–1976: Development and expansion of production

SFS Group History_1966

First production location outside of Switzerland; acquisition of Visserie Technique (FR) and entry into the production of drill screws

First sales organisation outside of Switzerland, acquisition of Fritz Haas GmbH (DE)

Realisation of infrastructure projects at the Rosenbergsau location (production and offices)

Entry into multi-level technology, production of an engine screw

1928–1960: Development of hardware store and start of production

SFS Group History Years 19281960

Start of production activities with the realisation of the first double pressure parts, system screws for double glazing windows

Opening of a branch in Heerbrugg (CH), managed by Hans Huber

Foundation of the Stadler hardware store in Altstätten (CH) by Benjamin Stadler, further development by son Josef Stadler; entry of Hans Huber in 1943 as the first apprentice

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