Schneiders-CNC goes digital

After rolling out GARANT Tool24 in 2019, Schneiders-CNC has now successfully implemented yet another product from the Hoffmann Group: Connected Manufacturing. This solution offers a multitude of advantages for Schneiders in the areas of digitalization and efficiency.

Added value

  • Clear overview of all tools and their parameters
  • Streamlined processes: enormous reduction in search and downtimes
  • Noticeable cost reduction and higher productivity – optimized utilization of existing machine capacity
  • Seamless integration into existing system landscape

Schneiders-CNC – tailored precision
Schneiders-CNC is a turning and milling shop in the Lower Rhine region of Germany. Founded in 2008, this small, owner-managed company processes materials such as plastic, copper, aluminum and steel for use in the agricultural, chemical, logistics and automotive industry, among others. Around ten qualified and motivated employees reliably process orders with batch sizes ranging from small runs to automated large-scale production. Since it was first founded, Schneiders-CNC has cultivated a trusting business relationship with the Hoffmann Group. This relationship covers everything from cutting tools to GARANT Tool24 – the flexible dispenser system for tools, measuring equipment, occupational health and safety as well as the wide range of small parts used in multiple applications.

Like many other companies impacted by the shortage of skilled labor, Schneiders is faced with the difficult task of future proofing its existing processes and making the best-possible use of available resources. It decided to implement Connected Manufacturing as a result: “Not doing this would be stupid – it’s the perfect way to take our first steps toward digitalization!” explained founder Jürgen Schneiders when speaking about the Hoffmann solution.


Connected Manufacturing saves time and money
Where organizational bottlenecks and time-consuming searches have blocked certain processes in the past, Connected Manufacturing offers an extremely easy way to perfectly prepare for the actual production process on the machine. This innovative software offers a simple solution for digitalizing the manufacturing process. Not only does it help prevent unnecessary downtimes on value-adding CNC machines, but its central tool database and simple documentation improve process reliability considerably. This advantage is also one that Jürgen Schneiders appreciates: “Now we get things done faster and have less scrap!”


Gradual implementation during operation
Schneiders was able to rely on our specialists at all times during product implementation, ensuring that stumbling blocks could be addressed and cleared out of the way as quickly as possible. Since the tools are progressively serialized and integrated into the system, Connected Manufacturing runs around the clock.

Schneiders-CNC is one of the first customers to have gained experience with Connected Manufacturing. The company speaks in particularly high terms about the good overview of all existing tools and their parameters, including the current service time, as well as the simple way operations carried out for recurring components are documented. Since an explanatory image or video clears up a lot of questions before they even arise, the system also makes the most of its tablet- and smartphone-based controls.

Taking the next step with Connected Manufacturing
Integrating Connected Manufacturing will poise you to take the next step toward automation and incorporate our GARANT Automated Loading System Basic. The loading system’s robots free up an enormous amount of capacity and ensure that the machine is utilized as fully as possible. Thanks to a combination of these two characteristics, Schneiders reliably uses night shifts with zero manpower so it can save its specialists for more appealing and challenging tasks during the day: “The robot rocks all night long – and can be back on the job after its morning feeding!” says Jürgen Schneiders.

Jürgen Schneiders Managing Director and founder of Schneiders-CNC
“Now everything is interconnected: First our orders are created in the ERP software, then the order details immediately become available via the Connected Manufacturing interface. That way we know which tools we need and where they happen to be at any given time. If we still have to assemble anything, the program accesses GARANT Tool24 directly. If a milling tool is removed, it's automatically re-ordered and the products are available again the next day. In light of this approach, it was only natural that we take the next step toward automation together with Hoffmann.”


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