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Two Korean subcontractors, Shin Heung Co. Ltd. and Fine DNC Co. Ltd, produce electronic components for a well-known manufacturer of flat screen TV sets. In order to optimise their service, the two subcontractors chose speed rivet technology, also known as magazine-fed riveting, from GESIPA®. The Korean companies were especially attracted to the time and cost savings available to them through the use of GESIPA® equipment and technology.

Added Value

  • Magazine-fed riveting is an assembly technique requiring only single-sided access & offering rapid cycle times
  • Easy to use, light weight and ergonomic design of the units
  • Suppliers benefit from time and cost savings & a considerable increase in productivity

At a glance

Speed rivet technology, also known as magazine-fed riveting, is an assembly technique requiring only single-sided access and offering rapid cycle times due to the magazine loaded rivets and automatic feed. As each rivet operation is completed, the setting tool feeds the next rivet into place automatically. This technology is used extensively in areas like industrial mass assembly, electronics, lighting, light-weight construction and aerospace.

TAURUS® 2 Speed Rivet

Exciting technology

Since 2014 GESIPA® has been working with various vendors in the electronic arena, offering suitable trial equipment for rivet testing. In this way customers were able to benefit from actual hands-on testing as well as expert advice from GESIPA® engineering. What really appealed to the subcontractors Shin Heung Co. Ltd. and Fine DNC Co. Ltd was the ease of use. The GESIPA® magazine feed is characterised by the immediate availability of successive rivets. Thanks to the use of ready-to-fit, one-way mandrels, the operator can quickly swap empty magazines without risk of injury. Other advantages are the light weight and ergonomic design of the units.

Denis Iliev, Manager of Development and Production at Shin Heung Co. Ltd.:

“We could never have appreciated when we first started working with GESIPA® CZ s.r.o. just how successful a relationship between customer and supplier would be developed. Since using the GESIPA® equipment we have been able to increase production whilst reducing the amount of compressed air we consume. Our employees got on famously with the GESIPA® equipment and are really satisfied with this GESIPA® kit. As I understand it, we are now testing the next generation equipment, which we intend to purchase in the near future. Now we also use GESIPA® blind rivet nuts. Since using GESIPA® products we have noticed a decent reduction in faults with the parts we produce. In summary you can say we are extremely satisfied with both the equipment and fasteners from GESIPA® as well as the excellent co-operation which we look forward to continuing into the future.”


The bottom line: decisive advantages

GESIPA® experts consulted the Korean subcontractors to understand their needs, while taking on board the requirements of the electronics OEM to determine the optimum solution. Working together with Shin Heung Co. Ltd. and Fine DNC Co. Ltd, speed rivet technology was identified as ideal, as it produced the best results during customer tests in terms of productivity, operator safety and cost. The suppliers now benefit from a time saving of 25% and a considerable increase in productivity by employing magazine-fed riveting.

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